The story of NerdSparkle

I started making jewelry back when I was an undergraduate studying costume design in Savannah Georgia. I'd go down to the riverfront and sell earrings and necklaces to tourists to make a little cash on the side. It was fun to make and fun to sell!

Now, two degrees and several years later, I'm a professional freelance costume designer in my home town of New York City and in my spare time I make jewelry in my Brooklyn home-studio.

Ariel- NerdSparkle designer and professional GeekGirl
NerdSparkle is a true labor of love for me. My whole life's career has been guided by what I call "moments of culture" - that is- moments when I've encountered something- a film, a play, a video game, a book- and that piece of storytelling has changed my life forever. NerdSparkle is an expression of my encounters with Moments of Culture throughout my life.

Probably the earliest one I can remember is the Wizard of Oz. When I was a kid there was a 50th anniversary VHS that I got as a gift, and those shoes, that story, the Adrian costumes, the haunting music, became a part of me, as it has so many people in my field of design. My lifelong love affair with musicals, and with how a costume could captivate ones imagination began with the Ruby Slippers.

Every collection in the NerdSparkle catalog is a personal expression of my relationship to popular culture. As a costume designer, my passion is in story telling. I hope that, as these pieces have helped me tell my story, they will connect to something within you as well, and become part of how you express yourself and your relationship to the world around you.

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